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Onigirazu map

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  • Onigirazu map
  • Onigirazu is simply made by placing cooked rice and your favorite ingredients on a sheet of dried laver before folding all four sides of the laver. It is easy to make but can be freely arranged depending on the ingredients and how it is cut.
    Onigirazu has become popular with young people for their convenience and designs, and people are now enthusiastic about developing new variations. Unique varieties of onigirazu made using locally produced ingredients have been appearing one after another.
    Major varieties of onigirazu by area are highlighted here. Diverse ingredients reflect the charms of the local areas and the depth of the Japanese dietary culture. Onigirazu are fun to see and taste great. Savor the Japanese dietary culture through onigirazu.

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  • Onigirazu Point

Hokkaido and Tohoku areas

  • Hokkaido and Tohoku areas

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  • Salmon, salmon roe and iburigakko onigirazu
  • This colorful onigirazu is made by combining salmon from Hokkaido, a prefecture that boasts the highest catch of the fish, salmon roe and iburigakko, a popular pickle of Akita Prefecture.
  • Hokkaido Prefecture
    1.Salmon roe

  • Iwate Prefecture

    Pickled abalone, salmon roe and mekabu. (seaweed)

  • Miyagi Prefecture

    Shiso-maki is cooked by deep-frying or roasting sweetened miso wrapped with a perilla leaf.

  • Fukushima Prefecture

    Local dish combining sweetened miso and potatoes.

  • Aomori Prefecture

    Local dish of Tsugaru area. These fish balls are made by mixing minced fish, vegetables and seasonings.

  • Akita Prefecture

    Smoked Japanese radish pickled with rice bran.

  • Yamagata Prefecture

    Chopped seasonal vegetables, mainly cucumbers, eggplants, and okra with soy sauce.

Hokuriku and Chubu areas

  • Hokuriku and Chubu areas

  • 34POINT

  • Tohyama Genghis Khan and leek sauce onigirazu
  • Tohyama Genghis Khan (grilled mutton dish) using mutton from Japan and a secret sauce has spread and become popular by word of mouth. The leek sauce adds flavor and color.
  • Niigata Prefecture
    1.Tarekatsu don

    Tarekatsu don, dipping a thin pork cutlet in a soy-based, salty- sweet sauce on rice.

  • Nagano Prefecture

    Nozawana is a Japanese leaf vegetable, often pickled.

  • Yamanashi Prefecture
    3.Koshu Chicken Giblet

    Local dish of Yamanashi, made of chicken giblets with sugar and soy sauce.

  • Shizuoka Prefecture
    4.Black oden

    Black Oden, a variation of oden, a stew-like Japanese food consisting of fish paste, boiled eggs, radish, potatoes, kelp rolls, konjak, and other ingredients that are first boiled then kept simmering in a dark coloured broth flavored with beef stock and dark soy sauce.

  • Toyama Prefecture
    5.Trout sushi

  • Ishikawa Prefecture
    6.Kaga’s jibuni

    Dish made with duck meat, shiitake mushrooms and green vegetables in soup stock seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, mirin and sake.

  • Fukui Prefecture

    Local dish made by pickling mackerel in salted rice bran.

  • Gifu Prefecture

    Goheimochi is made by pressing cooked rice before spit-roasting and seasoning it with a sauce made of sesame seeds, chestnuts, perilla seeds and sugar.

  • Aichi Prefecture

    Local dish of Nagoya, grilled eel served over rice. The term ‘hitsu’ is the wooden container it’s served in and ‘mabushi’ refers to the act of mixing the eel with the rice.

Kanto area

  • Kanto area

  • 36POINT

  • Meatball and cabbage onigirazu
  • This hearty onigirazu is made by combining pork meatballs, which is popular in Gunma prefecture, and fresh cabbage.
  • Tochigi Prefecture

    Gyoza dampling are made by wrapping ground meat and vegetables in small round dough wrappers.

  • Ibaraki Prefecture

    Popular in Mito area. Natto is made from steamed, fermented soybeans using bacillus subtilis natto.

  • Chiba Prefecture

  • Kanagawa Prefecture

  • Gunma Prefecture

  • Saitama Prefecture
    6.Gyoda fried jelly

    Deep-fried dish made by coating jelly with bread crumbs.

  • Tokyo
    7.Fukagawa meshi (Little neck clam rice)

    Popular dish of downtown Tokyo, made with clam miso soup and rice.

Kinki area

  • Kinki area

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  • Pickled plum, dried bonito flakes and perilla onigirazu
  • This Japanese-style onigirazu is made by combining pickled plums from Wakayama Prefecture, the top producer of the plum, with dried bonito flakes and perilla.
  • Shiga Prefecture

    Hinona is a type of turnip, one of traditional vegetable in Shiga Prefecture. Hinona pickles are also popular.

  • Mie Prefecture

    Known as fisherman’s sushi, made from marinated sashimi of red fish such as bonito and tuna in a soy-based sauce.

  • Nara Prefecture

    Deep brown pickles, made from vegetables such as radish and cucumber soaked in sake lees.

  • Kyoto Prefecture

    Kyo-yasai, or Kyoto Vegetables, has been grown since before the Meiji Restoration, when Japan’s capital was in Kyoto. They are used in traditional local dishes.

  • Hyogo Prefecture

    Local dish of Kobe, cooked by simmering fibrous beef with konjak.

  • Osaka Prefecture

    Deep-fried dish of meat, fish, and vegetables as well as other ingredients placed on a thin bamboo skewer and deepened in batter.

  • Wakayama Prefecture
    7.Pickled plum

Chugoku and Shikoku areas

  • Chugoku and Shikoku areas

  • 42POINT

  • Deep-fried pufferfish, senzanki and Hanaccoli onigirazu
  • Collaboration of a deep-fried dish made of pufferfish from Yamaguchi Prefecture and senzanki (deep-fried chicken). Hanaccoli, an original vegetable of Yamaguchi Prefecture, adds color to this onigirazu.
  • Tottori Prefecture

    Local dish cooked by deep-frying the paste of flying fish (incl. bones) known as “Ago.”

  • Okayama Prefecture

    Bowl of rice topped with pork cutlet and demi-glace sauce.

  • Kagawa Prefecture

    Traditional dish in Kagawa cooked by grilling highly-selected chicken thigh with bone.

  • Tokushima Prefecture
    4.Fish cutlet

  • Shimane Prefecture

    Local dish cooked by deep-frying fish paste with red pepper covered with breadcrumbs

  • Hiroshima Prefecture

  • Yamaguchi Prefecture

  • Ehime Prefecture

    Deep-fried chicken, pre-seasoned with soy sauce, sake, ginger and garlic mix.

  • Kochi Prefecture

Kyushu and Okinawa areas

  • Kyushu and Okinawa areas

  • 28POINT

  • Rafute and egg onigirazu
  • Onigirazu with rafute, a traditional Okinawan pork dish. The contrast of the meltingly soft pork and Japanese-style omelet stimulates your appetite.
  • Oita Prefecture
    1.Seki saba

    Seki saba is a local mackerel from Saganoseki area.

  • Miyazaki Prefecture
    2.Chicken namban

    Fried chicken marinated in a sweet-sour- salty and slightly spicy sauce or dressing called nanban sauce.

  • Kagoshima Prefecture
    3.Sweet potato

  • Kumamoto Prefecture
    4.Karashi Renkon

    Mustard-filled lotus root. It is said that traditional recipe was secretly reserved in Kumamoto until the late 1860's.

  • Fukuoka Prefecture

    Salted cod roe spiced with red pepper.

  • Saga Prefecture
    6.Yobuko squid

    Squid caught in the Yobuko area.

  • Nagasaki Prefecture
    7.Pork Kakuni

    Braised pork dish which literally means “square simmered” pork.

  • Okinawa Prefecture

    Deeply simmered pork dish made with Okinawa pork, black sugar and awamori liquor.